Mumbai nightlife &music--best combination!


Mumbai, as we all know, is the city that never sleeps. And the nightlife here is definitely something you can’t miss. It can give few of the world's well known party capitals a good run for their money. Mumbai offers you plethora of awesome options irrespective of your budget, your taste in music, or your dress code. You can choose your pick from low-cost drinking holes and dimly-lit lounges, to exclusive dance clubs and elegant bars. And music is plausibly the ‘life’ in nightlife!

We know that music is like air—we can’t survive without it and it can’t be more true for the nightlife!  Can you even imagine party without music? The disco and the nightlife go hand in hand like margarita and ice! Great music not only makes the evening great but also rejuvenates the mood of the people and brings life to the event.

The success of the DJ party in the Mumbai nightlife depends solely on the music. In fact not only here, but it will be the same for any place boasting of an active nightlife. Following are some of the best places with awesome ambience in Mumbai where you can find great combination of nightlife and music:

  • Royalty in Bandra Talao
  • Blue Frog in Lower Parel
  • Tonic in Mahalakshmi
  • Rude Lounge, Belapur
  • The Angrezi Pub, Belapur

The list can go on and on but these are a few gems worth trying out if you want the best of both worlds—music and nightlife!

Posted by : mavhiten2 | 29 January, 2018

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